Services and Conditions

Dentist's Role

  • Comprehensive orofacial evaluation (head and neck examination, intraoral evaluation, joint examination and radiographs, dental screening).
  • Splint (occlusal devices) therapy, sleep apnea intraoral devices, medication management, occlusal consultation and adjustment.

Physical Therapist's Role

  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation of the jaw and neck including measurements of mobility, strength, coordination, and postural alignment.
  • Physical therapy treatment includes interventions such as therapeutic modalities and procedures to rehabilitate the TMJs and masticatory system. It involves self-care management, joint protection techniques, therapeutic exercises, postural correction, and manual therapy.

Health Psychologist's Role

  • Behavioral and psychological evaluation (health styles, pacing, stress, coping mechanisms, emotional distress).
  • Instruction in oral habit management, stress management and pain coping strategies, brief cognitive therapy regarding life style change, general health habit changes and mood, relaxation, hypnosis, biofeedback.
  • Health and lifestyle evaluation (diet and sleep).

Other Services

  • Consultative relationships with oral surgery, neurology, otolaryngology, sleep physicians, physical medicine & rehabilitation, rheumatology, and chronic pain management.