About the Graduate Clinic

The Department of Orthodontics chooses 12 dental graduates each year to participate in the 2 year orthodontics residency program. These individuals have already earned their dental degrees and want to specialize in orthodontics. The residency program includes work in the classroom and laboratory as well as research and clinical training. Once the resident completes the program, a Certificate of Orthodontics and a Master's Degree is awarded.

The Graduate Clinic is a teaching clinic and offers orthodontic treatment at a reduced cost. All treatment performed by a resident is done under the supervision of orthodontic specialists. Patients are selected for treatment through screening exams and interviews. All screenings at the Graduate Clinic are complimentary.

If you are selected for treatment, you will be given a time estimate of when your treatment will begin. If you wish to proceed with treatment, you will make a deposit for your treatment.

Not every patient is suitable for treatment in our Graduate Clinic. The screening faculty member will determine if your case is suitable for treatment by a graduate student/resident. The Graduate Clinic can only treat a limited number of patients each year. During certain times of the year (typically in the spring and early summer) patients may be placed on a waiting list to start treatment at a later time.