Clinic Phone Numbers


We provide 24/7 emergency coverage.

After normal business hours

Call 612-273-3000 and ask for the dental resident on call. The resident will return your call and address your concern.

During business hours

If you are not a patient of record and experience an emergency during business hours, please call the Urgent Care Clinic at 612-625-4908.

If you are a patient of record and experience an emergency during business hours, you can call 612-625-2495 for the School of Dentistry.

School of Dentistry Phone Numbers

After Hours Emergency: 612-273-3000 and ask for the dental resident on call.

General Information and Patient Registration: 612-625-2495,

Urgent Care Clinic: 612-625-4908

Cancellation line (available 24 hours): 612-625-4435

Patient Accounting Office: 612-624-6110

Dental Hygiene (teeth cleaning): 612-625-2495

Moos Tower Pediatric Clinic (Infant to 17 years old): 612-625-7171

Faculty Practice Clinic: 612-626-3233

Junior and Senior Comprehensive Care Groups

Dr. Jeff Stefani, Director, Silver Group
Patient Care Coordinator: 612-625-2198

Dr. Eric Mills, Director, Purple Group
Patient Care Coordinator: 612-625-5999

Dr. Richard Nadeau, Director, Green Group
Dr. Wendy Engstrom, Director, Green Group
Patient Care Coordinator: 612-625-8987

Dr. Bruce Wittenberg, Director, Maroon Group
Patient Care Coordinator: 612-624-2481

Dr. Carol Meyer, Director, Blue Group
Patient Care Coordinator: 612-625-0324

Dr. Natalie Peterson, Director, Orange Group
Patient Care Coordinator: 612-624-4191

Dr. Mary Owen, Director, Yellow Group
Dr. Charles Watkin, Director, Yellow Group
Patient Care Coordinator: 612-626-4192

Specialty and Graduate Clinics

Cleft and Craniofacial Clinics: 612-625-5945

Dental Implants: 612-625-3649

Endodontics (root canal): 612-624-2661

General Practice Residency clinic (University of Minnesota Physicians Dental Clinic): 612-659-8689

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (extractions): 612-624-8600

University of Minnesota Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: 612-624-1937

Orthodontics (braces): 612-625-6444,

University of Minnesota Pediatric Clinic, Made Possible by Delta Dental of Minnesota: 612-659-4900

Periodontics (gum disease): 612-625-6177

Prosthodontics: 612-624-6644

TMD and Orofacial Pain Clinic: 612-626-0140