Donald R. Nixdorf, DDS, MS

Professor, Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences

Donald R. Nixdorf

Contact Info

Office Phone 612-626-5407

Fax 612-626-0138

Office Address:
6-320 Moos Tower
515 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Residency, Ohio State University (Hospital Dentistry), 1996

Fellowship, University of Alberta (Orofacial Pain), 2000;

Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University (Anesthesia), 1999

DDS, University of Alberta, 1996; Anatomy, McGill University, 1994

MS, University of Minnesota (Clinical Research), 2012

The Ohio State University (Dentistry), 1998

BS, University of Alberta (Dentistry), 1994

McGill University (Anatomy), 1994


Dr. Nixdorf is an Associate Professor and Acting Director, Division of TMD & Orofacial Pain. His clinical and teaching interests include the diagnosis and management of chronic TMD pain, headaches and neuropathic pain. His research is focused on the topic of persistent non-odontogenic “tooth” pain, looking at issues related to classification (e.g., consensus building), diagnosis (e.g., development of criteria, imaging, screening questionnaires), epidemiology, (e.g., determining predictive factors, assessing of impact), exploration of mechanisms (e.g., sensory testing, functional imaging), and treatment options.

Awards & Recognition

  • UMN School of Dentistry's 2016 Clinical Paper of the Year
  • AAE Foundation’s 2015 highest scoring faculty research grant proposal
  • Journal of Endodontics' award for best clinical research publication in 2014
  • Member of the TNA Facial Pain’s Medical Advisory Board
  • 2012 Alpha Omega dental society inductee
  • 1998 Phi Kappa Phi honor society inductee
  • 1998 Ohio State Post College Assembly table clinic award
  • 1997 Biotene award, excellence in hospital dentistry
  • 1995 Dentsply table clinic award
  • 1995 Academic All Canadian
  • 1995 & 1994 Jimmie Condon track and field scholarships
  • 1994 & 1993 Farquarson research scholarships

Member of the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association's Medical Advisory Board


Research Funding Grants

Active Grants

“Developing Dental Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): Reliability Assessment of Detecting Cracks in Teeth”
Study Goal: Derive MRI criteria for crack identification in teeth, establish the reliability, and demonstrate it is feasible to detect such cracks in vivo. This will be accomplished by consensus building and reiterative changes to the criteria, obtaining MRIs of ex vivo teeth/jaw specimens (with before and after comparison), and imaging 5 patients with known cracked teeth.
Funding Agency: American Association Endodontic (AAE) Foundation

“Predictors of Endodontic Treatment Outcomes”
Study Goal: Planning grant to develop a full protocol for a prospective observational study that will identify the predictive factors for severe acute pain and assess the impact of persistent pain over the course of 1-year follow of patients that received initial orthodgrade root canal therapy.
Funding Agency: Subcontract from U19-DE022516 (PI: Gregg Gilbert)


“Understanding the impacts of persistent tooth pain”
Study Goal: Using qualitative data collection methods, describe the impacts of this pain has of peoples daily life.
Funding agency: SOD Lasby Visiting Fellowship, University of Minnesota

“Development of Dental Magnetic Resonance Imaging using SWIFT”
Study Goal: Establish the feasibility of in vivo MR-imaging of both calcified and non-calcified tissues of teeth with a resolution 0.2 mm, in three-dimensions.
Funding Agency: NIH/NCRR P41-RR008079 (PI: Kamil Ugurbil)

“Diagnosis for persistent dentoalveolar pain following root canal therapy”
Study Goal: This is a nested case-control study that seeks to identify etiologic factors associated with patients who report pain at 6 months within DPBRN Study 18.
Funding agency: AAE Foundation & AAOP

“Peri-operative Pain and Root Canal Therapy”, Study protocols 17 & 18
Study Goal: Determine the frequency and magnitude of tooth pain present 1 week and 6 months following initial orthograde root canal therapy.
Funding agency: Subcontract for U01-DE016747 (PI: Gregg Gilbert)


Classification of Orofacial Pain Disorders

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Nixdorf DR, Drangsholt MT, Ettlin DA, Gaul C, de Leeuw R, Svenson P, Zakrzewska JM, De Laat A, Ceusters A. Classifying orofacial pains: Developing a taxonomy using ontological principles. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation (March) 2012;39(3):161-169.

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Endodontic Diagnoses and Pain

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Measurement and Treatment of Persistent Dentoalveolar Pain Disorder (PDAP)

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Functional Imaging of Orofacial Pain

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Dental MRI

Idiyatullin D, Corum C, Nixdorf DR, Garwood M. Intraoral approach for imaging teeth using the transverse B1 field components of an occlusally oriented loop coil. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (July) 2014;72(1):160-165.

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Academic Interests and Focus

Dr. Nixdorf’s teaching interests align with his clinical interests, namely the diagnosis and management of chronic ororfacial pains. Specifically he lectures on the differential diagnosis of orofacial pains, classification of orofacial pain, and treatment approaches to orofacial pain management.


Board Certifications

  • Diplomate, American Dental Society of Anesthesiology (ADSA) 2004
  • Diplomate, American Board of Orofacial Pain (ABOP) 2002

Clinical Interests

Dr. Nixdorf’s clinical interests include the diagnosis and management of chronic ororfacial pains. This includes TMD pain and jaw dysfunction; neuropathic orofacial pains, such as trigeminal neuralgia and deafferentation pain (a.k.a atypical odontalgia); Headache management, including tension-type, migraine, paroxysmal hemicrania, cluster and other autonomic cephalalgias.